"Coolant Leak" (1969 MB 280 SL 41k mi.)
While replacing the leaky water pump, we replaced the thermostat, always a good idea. It was the original, 43 year old part! It is now retired to our Hall of Honor.

"Using oil" ('02 BMW 330 160k mi.)
The 'Oil Separator' (formerly known as a PCV valve) is clogged with gunk due to a vacuum leak. Increased crankcase pressure causes the engine to leak, burn oil, and smoke.

"Water leaking..." ('00 Saab 9-3 75k mi.)
...for so long that green stalagmites have formed under the pump. Of interest is the engine layout which requires five hours to replace the pump. (The thermostat is, in contrast, completely inaccessible.) Pumps and thermostats, being relatively short lived, are usually positioned so they can be replaced easily. Everyone raise your right hand. Now, scratch your head in bewilderment.

"Engine sounds funny... ('03 Mini Cooper)
...and the oil pressure and check engine lights are on." And there was oil residue all over the back of the car. Oil was changed at the dealer three weeks ago. This is the oil filter housing showing where the oil leaked past the O-ring which was damaged during installation of the new filter. We predict the engine's main bearings will fail within ten thousand miles. What should the dealer do?

"Oil in the Coolant" ('90 BMW 325 M20 Engine)
Logically a blown head gasket. Until disassembling the head for milling revealed the cam is incredibly worn, indicating faulty camshaft and/or inadequate lubrication. Note the lip and chip on the cam lobe. Suggests a possible leak within the head.

'Severe Oil Leak' ('84 MB 380 SL)
Someone replaced the valve cover gaskets, probably because of leaking oil. When the cover was bolted onto the head, a piece of plastic was caught under the gasket. Notice the imprint on the recent gasket and a corresponding mark on the scrap. The leak was prodigious. Click on the Photo.

'Oil Leak' ('99 Saab 100k mi.)
The Axle Seal was leaking. Inspection shows that someone had clumsily reassembled the axle to the transmission, denting the seal. Then tried to cover his tracks by slopping silicone sealant around the outside. We know who you are.

"Oil Leak" ('88 MB 300SE 155k mi.)
The oil was pink (contaminated with ATF) and leaking from the front of the transmission. Removal and dis-assembly of the transmission revealed age hardened O-rings. The photo is the primary hydraulic pump showing the brittle O-ring which was leaking. (the secondary pump, driven off the output shaft, is to protect the transmission bearings when the car is towed with the rear wheels on the ground.)

"Oil Leak" ('02 Volvo XC 70 90k miles)
The camshaft oil seal was leaking. The sludge is a bonus, revealing infrequent oil changes. If any.

"Oil Leak" ('98 Audi A4Q 178k mi.)
The front crankshaft seal has been leaking a while. Aside from the mess, the gunk is compromising air flow to the alternator, doubtless shortening its life.

"Big puddle under my car" ('01 BMW 325iT)
The coolant reservoir is cracked wide open, having failed from age and brittleness. The owner was smart not to try driving in without coolant. Towing is way less expensive than a new engine.

"I smell gasoline" ('87 BMW 325)
Aged high pressure fuel line was leaking, but did not catch fire

'00 Boxster losing oil after repairs
Leaking valve covers were sealed down with too much Silicone, blocking the oil pressure relief outlet. High pressure in the oil system blew out the 'cam plug' (green thing). Porsche dealer #1 did the valve cover. Porsche dealer #2 replaced the cam plug without asking 'Why did this happen?' We got it after the second blowout, 900 miles from customer's home.

'My feet are cold' ('04 XC90)
Ice Storm. Cowl drain froze shut, then rain overflowed into passenger compartment and froze. When your car ices over, de ice and warm it up immediately.

"Oil Leak" ('00 Volvo XC)
There is a small crack in the Turbo Cooling line where it joins the fitting. Click the photo. This line usually leaks from the fitting itself. This crack was hard to see. This thing is called a 'Banjo' fitting. Of course.

"I have a drip" ('99 Volvo S80)
Seepage near the accelerator pedal is from the heater core. Penicillin will not help this drip. Better to get new Heater Core.

'AC is blowing sweet smelling steam out the vents' (03 Mini Cooper, 30k mi)
The AC blows air through this 'heater core' which carries hot engine coolant (with antifreeze) so the cabin air can be warmed. When the core leaks, antifreeze vapor is carried into the passenger compartment. Note the Mini Cooper warranty is only 2yrs 24,000 miles. Why is that?

'Slime is dripping on the garage floor' ('93 BMW 740)
This power steering hose was installed incorrectly. The leak is from the loop, which is designed to curve around the brake booster rod, specifically so this will not happen.

'Water pump is leaking' (Audi)
Audi proves that plastic impellers can work. Too bad the seal doesn't.

'Juice is running out the transmission' ('98 BMW 540)
Leaking valley gasket. Coolant in Valley runs out the back, over the transmission. Doktor Doofus takes out the transmission.

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