FINANCING (Sophie, age 8)
For car purchases we accept cash or check (but not credit cards)
We do not provide on-site financing, but
we can recommend local banks that provide competitive rates.

FEES (Schatzi, age 2)

Remember your last car purchase? Did you take a bath in "Fees"?
Our Processing fee ($148.00) is the lowest in the area; and...
we will collect your DMV fees and Sales Tax,
and we can issue permanent metal plates in several styles-
so it will not be necessary for you to go sit at the DMV.

TEST DRIVES (Jackson Grey Allebaugh, age 1.35)

To test drive a car, we require:
(a) you be at least 21, and
(2) a representative of the dealership ride with you.
We can arrange to take a car to the mechanic of your choice for inspection.
We do not permit test drives overnight or for the weekend. Thanks for asking.


1. The first two were created to thwart dishonest car dealers.
--Long ago, you got a bill of sale. Now you get:
---(a.) The "Buyers Order" with two pages of small print and 19 boxes of figures!
---Not to confuse you, but to protect you from sleazebags, and...
---(b.) The "Buyers Guide" stuck to the window as required by Federal Law
---to warn you that verbal warranties are worthless. (sleazebags again)
2. Next, there are three forms for the DMV:
---(a.) The first, to transfer the old Title
---(b.) The second, to request a new Title, and...
---(c.) Third, a new Registration card. Your new Title will arrive by mail.