We Sell and Service
Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Saab, and Volvo
We offer a family atmosphere, friendly staff, expert service,
loaner cars, a comfortable waiting room, Classical music,
Wi-Fi, Library, Canine Companionship, and Avian Entertainment.

Mike Allebaugh, President, with
Michele, also pictured on our 'Contact' page.
They are the delighted parents of twins Rorry & Hannah, ten in Jan.
and Jax (see 'Sales Staff') now 8

Jon, animal trainer, poop scooper, and Old Fart.
aka: "Cletus B. Fordwicke"
Drives a 1997 BMW 850Ci.

Kuzo, our nine year old Clown.

Sophie, former Chief of Security, whom we miss dearly.

Schatzi is our Official Greeter. When she is awake.